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No. 56

Post your questions and comments below, and I'll be happy to answer.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG3V7N2K-vg

Download & Guide: https://github.com/Huntereb/NTR-Debugger-MK7/

FAQ —–

Q: I can't connect!
A: Make sure the debugger is enabled (Hold X + Y > Enable Debugger), turn off firewall, restart router, make sure you're entering the right IP.

Q: It keeps saying "No track detected"!
A: Make sure you've entered the correct PID, and you're using a USA copy of MK7 that includes the 1.1 update.


Can you give me CTGP-7 item hack


When will the NTR debugger program be released? Can't wait! o;


>Can you give me CTGP-7 item hack
I don't know what "CTGP-7" is. Some stupid track mod for MK7?



Yes it is but i downgraded my n3ds but i cant use rxtools and other so if ou can can you give me CTGP-7 infinite item hack plz


Skype roki88kc
if you can plz send in that account ^-^


For JP plzzzz


Debug mode on mk7 or on homemenu ?


Do I need any modifications on my D's??


When i click on find map & offsets it says the offsets doesn't look correct. Is this a mirror track ?

And i'm not in mirror track


does this work with the hmebrew channel and with pal?


Huh? I don't think there's any accessible debug menu in MK7.

You need to be able to run BootNTR, or some version of NTR.

Read FAQ. Are you using a USA copy of MK7 with the 1.1 update included? If not, go get one.


No, and yes, as long as you're using a USA copy. A PAL/JP copy will not work!


No.67: I'm using a legit USA cia with the 1.1 presintalled and it says the offsets doesn't look correct. Is this a mirror track ?
Even if i'm on a mirror track


Dunno, should work fine if you're using an unedited rom.


It doesn't work to me.
I'm on a New 3DS EUR, 10.3 with ReiNAND.
It gives me this error:
> connect('', 8000)
Server connected.
openProcess failed: d9001818, pid: 00000028
broken protocol: ffffffff, 12345678


the offsets for every track is 00 00 00 and so on. on 1.1 of mk7 with a 10.3U emunand


Found your problem. But seriously, that's not an error. Just keep following my guide and it should work.


For some reason the game keeps freezing before the second race in the shell cup. The mushroom cup was no problem though, The items work, everything works, its just that it freezes afterward, Any idea what could cause that>


Now only the region globe thing works. I'm using rxtools emunand


It's buggy, and I don't know how to fix this. Sorry dude.


Restart the game maybe, it should all work if the globe works.


I have the correct Pid, however does nothing. It cannot even find the item offset nor the track.
NTR 3.2.


Sorry for double post, I want to add that I am using a CIA version of MK7 USA with v1.1 update applied to it. I tried to the timer settings and still a no go. I notice that the offset value that it points to is "00000000" and all the stats (like win/loss count), all the codes is wrong, so that is why it's not working. New3DS emunand 9.5U user, again all my games and updates are USA


>with v1.1 update applied to it.

Needs to come with the 1.1 update, you can't use this with a V1.0 rom with the patch applied.


That works, cool, I didn't know that there was a difference between the two rom, even when using the updates for the version 1.0 rom.


I'm totally new to this hacking stuff, which is probably hurtful for you to hear. This is, a support thread after all. Anyway. I have no idea where to start, whether it's downgrading my software or downloading Homebrew. I have no idea how or where to do these. Or anything. Lol. Hopefully someone with enough patience can help me.


Hi when i try to find map and offset i have D9 00 00 00 please help me.


Can you a tutorial video please on how to install? PLZ!


I honestly have no idea, either. All my systems are on 9.2, I dunno what 10.3 fags should do.

Read the second FAQ.

What's to explain? You need NTR on your system, and then you run my program. There are guides to NTR elsewhere.


please make this hack for EU / PAL


Hello.. thanks for all, i'm patnership channel on Youtube

I have only one question, i have European 3ds, but..
I can use this, using a USA backup?

i mean
EUR 3DS System-> Mario Kart 7 USA (ISO/BACKUP)

Or don't work? I wait you..
thanks so much..


Hello ive no idea how to install that can someone help me pls installing that over skype
my skype name is : mp-inad
Pls help me i want everything unlocked




With your Answer you mean i can with only USA Backup?

I'm tryng now, but when i click Find map and offset The program ask me No track detected

I'm Using MK7 V1.1 Preinstalled (Preapplied Version of 1.1) .. And not work

i wait again answers… Thanks..


what do when come:
rtRecvSocket failed: 00000000


File: Immagine.bmp (2.93 MB, 1280x800, G T IQDB SN)

ok, i tryed with other backup of MK7 ( CIA ) with no Preinstalled V1.1 patch..

but with the separate update to the game ( MK7 V1.0) And no working.. Here A Screenshoot ..
Huntereb /Other, i wait you.. infinite Thanks..


If the 1.1 update came with the rom you're using, and the rom is unedited, it should work fine. Keep trying, I'm not sure.

Ignore it. And if you can't connect, just keep trying.

You NEED the 1.1 update included with your rom. It can't be installed alongside the system


Ok i tryende 27 Times with MK7 1.1 Backup (Preincluded, Obviusly USA) and i have always the same problem.. no track founded

I 'am on 10.3-EU Emunand
.. Why i have this problem? I can connect without Problems

I Have To change The region of my emunand To EUR>USA for got work? Or? ..

i again wait…


You can try, but it shouldn't have any issues. Try a cia version or a "3dz" version depending on what you're using now.


You Use EUR Emunand with a USA preinstalled MK7 1.1 Cia, and for you work?

… why i have this problem? i use Emunand of Gateway, with NTR CFW launcher, after i enable the Debugger mode on 3ds, and i connect with the debugger (without problems) at pc, after i open CIA MK7 1.1 (unedited) i go on 50/100/100cc cup, start a race.. and No track found error appear to me ..

i Have really to Modify Emunand Region.. or what passage i wrong?..


How do you use the payload.bin files?


I've never used this function, or looked into how it works internally. From what I've seen, it uses an external program (Not included with my release) to compile and render ARM assembly. It's almost completely useless, unless you've taken enough time to sift through the game's executable code. I did that a while ago for a few things, and it's not fun…


it says open ntr.bin failed and bnbootNTR failed! Help!


Hi !
I'm on an EUR 10.5 RxTool Emunand…
I enable debugger, I connect to it using your program, I launch a track ( 50cc ), I select the good process, and when I click on find map and offset, It give me this error "Error: The offset does not look correct. Is this a Mirror Mode track ?".
Then I check the Mirror case, all work but when I click on generate code and when I execute It, nothing is happening…


I have a problem. Some maps crash on grand prix. They work perfectly fine without this ntr debugger and on time trials. I'm using a EUR 3DS with a US cia version of the game




How do I find my 3DS's local ip address?


Router settings, or maybe some computer application. I know they exist.


Does this hack can run on a 10.5.0-30E 3DS release?
Thanks you for answering me.


well it says the offsets does not look correct is this a mirror track? and im using a 2ds eur version but with mk7 usa with 1.1 preinstalled so what


In emunand, sure.

Try the CIA version.


Hey, I saw the release video with the infinite lucky 7's. Does that come with the download or is this a code creator (Sorry, a little confused on how this works) Have you developed any other awesome codes for MK7 online?


This tool will generate and auto-apply "codes" in-game. So yes, the infinite Luck 7 setup is included with this package.

There are many other "codes" included with this release. Check the readme on Github for more infortmation.



Ok, Thanks. Im getting homebrew on my 3DS next week so after that ill have to try this out, cant wait to mess around online. Do you plan on making any more codes (Moonjump, Move before start, ect…) Or not?


At the moment, I do not plan on producing anything else for this game.

But maybe in the future.


I have the same problem than Faewui (>>102) :(


Title says it all. Help?


Hi Huntereb I was wondering what is the easiest way to get infinite star power item…. Thank u 4 your time c:


I don't know

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