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No. 31

So I coded myself a quick program like yours which randomizes the OW models in the garc 0\2\1 and everything works fine except the player model which is still the same but glitchy. The glitch itself does not worry me but the fact that the model wasn't change while in the garc it was it's kinda strange.
(Picture: http://i.imgur.com/b3dtPzE.jpg)
Any ideas of what could be causing this?


There are multiple models in that garc that resemble the normal player model, but are broken, or are used in other game scenarios. Try randomizing the garc again, and you'll probably get a better result.


You think so? I guess I'll give it a try, if that's the deal then it's easy peasy. I thought you knew the exact file to edit the player seeing a couple of your yt videos but if you tell me you randomized casually as well that's the only answer.
Thank you for the reply!


Nope, same issue, ther must be something more.
In particular I found 3 models in the garc: 002,147 and 159. Now, I don't know their use but modifying 002 create the glitch. If I change the other two but don't touch that one the model doesn't glitch but remains the original one, if I modify 002 then (no matter what 147 and 159 are) the default model starts bugging.
Am I working with the right garc? Since whatever changes I made to the player his model stays original that must be the reason imo. What procedure did you use to "play as Maxie" for example? Which model did you change and in whitch folder?


Honestly been away from all of this for a while, but there's a list of every garc here:


I think OR/AS it's just the world models folder, and then there's also a battle models folder. I wouldn't think they'd differ too much from X/Y, but ya never know. Just experiment, something'll happen.

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