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The only thing keeping me from using Debian as my main OS is the lack of a good Skype, Skype is much better on a Windows machine or even a fucking Mac, the only way to run an actual good Skype is by installing the WINE software and getting Internet Explorer along with Windows Skype which is slow and awful, but still better than Skype on a GNU based OS. And I can't just switch to another Skype clone that is free or open source because fucking nobody uses it, I have a life and need to talk to qt girls on Skype too, it would be just fucking weird to say "LETS SWITCH TO MUMBLE AND IRC" because nobody will do that and they will think you are a neckbeard. GNU Skype is literally abandonware at this point. If any of you have a solution then im all ears.


Use https://web.skype.com/ with their extension for voice calls. Works fine for me.


>just use this extension which is a wrapper for the windows only plugin
lmao also pipelight is going to be deprecated with npapi soon so it would only be a temporary solution at best if you managed to get it to work in pipelight


>need to talk to qt girls on Skype

what is a phone


more importantly, what is this "girls" that's he's referring to?

silly him. no woman can use the internet.

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